Sculpture handiwork of Evgeny Gatilov * Where pancakes there and we * Dulyovo
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Скульптура авторская работа Евгения Гатилова * Где блины там и мы * Дулёвский фарфоровый завод
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Sculpture handiwork of Evgeny Gatilov * Where pancakes there and we * Dulyovo porcelain works

height 17 centimeter, width 14 centimeter

Dulyovo porcelain works is one of the most famous Russian and former Soviet porcelain manufacturers. Its products are better known as Dulevo porcelain. The works were founded in the Dulyovo wasteland (now Likino-Dulyovo) in 1832 by merchant Terenti Kuznetsov. Dulyovo porcelain has gained gold awards at the world's fairs in Paris (1937) and Brussels (1958, for article "The Falcon"). In 1976 the factory was awarded the Order of Lenin. The articles are now exported abroad, to the United States, Canada, Norway and some other countries.

The sculpture is very rare, the Sculptor artist Gatilova of Evgeny Ilyinichn. To repeat such handiwork at the Dulyovsky porcelain plant there is no opportunity as a form of this sculpture hasn't remained.
Gatilova, Evgenia Ilyinichna (I was born on September 19, 1921 in Moscow, the USSR) is the sculptor, the national artist of the Russian Federation (2006) is among the largest masters of the Soviet porcelain plasticity.
Evgenia Gatilova's creativity is inseparably linked with once well-known Dulevsky porcelain plant at which she has worked more than 35 years. Gatilova can safely be ranked as classics of domestic porcelain plasticity, and to put her name in one row with such remarkable masters as Alexey Sotnikov, Sergey Orlov, Pavel Kozhin, Asta Brzhezitskaya, Nina Bogdanova.
In 1947 I have with honors graduated from faculty of a sculpture the Moscow Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (MIADA). The monumentalist Sergey Alyoshin, sculptors and artists Ekaterina Belashova, Vera Mukhina, Vladimir Favorskii, Alexander Deyneka were her teachers.
I have worked more than 35 years the sculptor at the Dulyovsky porcelain plant. The main subject of works of the artist — the images of ordinary people imprinted in the series "Rural Motives", "Women of Revolution", "Psychological Portrait", "Sport", "Ballet", "Person and Nature".
Her works on youth, physical culture and sport — "The girl entering water", "The letter on a virgin soil", "Archeress", "On etudes", "The young poultry-maid" and also works on literary, theatrical and circus subjects — "The Spanish dance", "Puppet theater", "Ballerina" are known. Gatilova has created Alexander Blok, Vasily Shukshin, Alexander Vertinsky's psychological portraits. The sculpture of the last under the name "Piero" has suffered in 1993 when the Moscow apartment of Evgenia Gatilova has come under fire during the October putsch, and has been restored by the sculptor later.
Works by the artist are presented in meetings of Kuskovo MMC, GMZ "Tsaritsyno", the museum of the Dulevsky porcelain plant, VMDPNI, State Darwin Museum, the Sergiyevo-Posadsky GMZ, OOMII of M.A. Vrubel, the Astrakhan art gallery of P.M. Dogadin, Voronovskaya of art gallery, private collections. Her works are exhibited at the Russian and international art exhibitions.