Orders and Medals of the USSR

Orders and medals are not only a badge of honor for special merits to the state. This is also a window into the history of the state. The USSR was rich with awards, many of which are rather rare today, and therefore to buy awards of the USSR 1922-1991 happens not so simply.

One of the first orders - the Order of the Battle Red Banner of the RSFSR - of the Soviet Union appeared in 1918. In total, during the existence of the Union, 91 varieties of medals were issued, most of which were ranked either by degrees of significance or by material of manufacture: Gold, silver and bronze. Interestingly, in order to earn some medals, it was enough just to be born in a certain place.

The most honorary award of the USSR - the Order of the Red Star - was issued for outstanding deeds for the benefit of the Motherland. It was this order that became the most massive, it received more than four million citizens.

Among the military awards, one of the most famous is the Order of the Red Banner, issued in 1918. He was awarded for the special courage and courage shown in combat conditions. For those who helped the front from home in wartime, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor was also established.

During the Great Patriotic War, the most powerful was the Medal for Military Merit of the USSR and the Medal of Workers of the Rear.

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