Soviet Union Order of the October Revolution, #87625, circa 1975s. very rare. Original
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Original name
Order of the October Revolution, #87625, Gold, Silver gilt, enamels. Original
Manufacturer / Brand
Монетный двор
33 815
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Soviet Union Order of the October Revolution, #87625, circa early 1975s. very rare. Original
Silver gilt, 10 K gold (hammer and sickle emblem), and enamels; measures 44.0 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 43.3 mm in width; weighs 31.2 g not including the suspension and connecting link. Variation 2 featuring five attachment rivets.   In outstanding, excellent condition. The enamel shows beautiful luster and is essentially perfect: there are only a couple of microscopic contact marks on that are completely invisible to the naked eye and not easy to find even under a 10x loupe. The details of the center medallion are nearly pristine, without any wear visible to the naked eye. Comes on original two-layer suspension in aluminum. The old, original ribbon is very nicely preserved. The connecting link is original and has not been cut. Overall, this is a superb early example of the second highest Soviet decoration.
Total awarded: 106.462