1. Lot reservation.

Choose the lot, add in “SHOPPING BAG” or “ORDER” and place an order, enter your delivery address and preferred way of payment.

Then you will receive a notification that your order is received, cost calculation and payment details via email.  

Lot reservation is done and it is valid within 3 days as from order placement.

  1. Reserved lot payment.

After you reserved the lot, you will receive a letter from the site administration with the delivery calculation. You may choose the different ways of payment: 

  1. Payment in installment

Fulfill you wish immediately and pay in installment. Contact us and we make a payment plan together with you.  Based on your personal situation and depending from the chosen lot you can choose a sum which you can afford to pay every month.  The lot remains at Antik medals, and will be sent out immediately after the amount has been paid off completely.