Usage policy
  1. Policy.

Internet site is to be used for individual (home) usage and help to find the collectibles. All lot have only historical value and are for home collection or can be used with the other purpose which is not connecting with fascism, national Socialism and other extremism in any form including the its propaganda.

  1. Lots.
  1. Evaluation

The evaluation is not included the postage, if not otherwise specified.

Read for more information about the estimated value formation.

  1. Payment

Payment in installment

Fulfill you wish immediately and pay in installment. Contact us and we make a payment plan together with you.  Based on your personal situation and depending from the chosen lot you can choose a sum which you can afford to pay every month.  The lot remains at Antik medals, and will be sent out immediately after the amount has been paid off completely.

The lot will be sent within three working days from the day of getting your payment.

Read for more information about ways of payment. 

  1. Delivery.

Read for more information about ways of delivery.

  1. Returns information.

The full refund from estimated value of the delivered lot (lots) or exchange to like lot (group of lots) is within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving you lot (group of lots).

The items which are influenced by chemical and mechanical impact (cleaning, coloring and so on) in consequence of this the original appearance was changed will not be accepted for return. We look up to original appearance on the photo which are in site database in solving the issues in question.

  1. Conclusion.