Internet-catalogue offers the following services:

Evaluation and Purchase

Evaluation and purchase can be via email. It is necessary to have high quality photos or scanned copy of items and to state its location.

The letters without photos of certain items of evaluation are not taken up. In case of purchase we pay at once without payment of installments. 


We take on commission and display your items in our internet-catalogue. If you want to put out the military antique items to commission, you should contact us by phone or via email (see “Contact us”).

We evaluate the items and discuss all the details of purchase and commission. If the item is sent by post, then as soon as we receive the parcel, we will send you a confirmation by email with the list of sent items.  Then the items will be set out in catalogue as soon as possible.

The amount of fees includes the following points:

The amount of fee depends on the item price and is equal 10-20%.

We make payment on the next working day after the getting payment of the commission lot.

If it is necessary the payment will be made via bank remittance. The items which are not sold upon expiry of the agreed period of commission will be sent you back at our expense.


All our customers can get free consultations on authenticity, market-values and rareness of the targeted phaleristics items.

Working together with us, you can select collectibles properly, upon your wills and abilities. 

Dealer support on auctions

Every year we take part in different auctions in Germany on rewards and militaria. We help our customers to purchase and to deliver the lots from these auctions. The standard fee for services of support is 10% from the cost of lot (lots) net of auctions %. Conditions of business and direct participation in auctions and also % on the delivery of out-of-gauge items are being renegotiated individually.

You can contact us via “Contact us”.